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ILL-Abilities offers a wide variety of dance performances that are perfect for events, festivals, concerts, parties, and theatre. All of their performances are high-energy, dynamic and inspiring.

ILL-Abilities lets you journey through the minds of each dancer as they illustrate their battles with adversity, stereotypes, self-doubt, and everyday insecurities. In this piece each dancer discovers the strength to overcome life's struggles through dynamic movement and sheer determination.


Through exploring the challenges of choreography (both solo and routines), the group discovers the power of adapting their movements together into a distinctive vocabulary, one that inspires limitless possibilities.

In 2013 "No Limits" was nominated for an Olivier Award (London, U.K.) in the category

“Outstanding Achievement In Dance”.


*Please note as ILL-Abilities is an International crew, when booking for an event 1-2 rehearsal days & studio space is required prior to the performance.

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